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Lexical monographs

History of Australian English

What's Their Story? A History of Australian Words

Bruce Moore. Oxford University Press, 2010. 216 pages. ISBN: 9780195575002

A companion volume to Speaking Our Language, this major new work examines Australian words from two main perspectives: the histories of...

Speaking Our Language The Story of Australian English

Bruce Moore. Oxford University Press, 2008. 225 pages. ISBN: 9780195565782

This is an account of where Australian English came from, what the forces were that moulded it, why it takes its present form, and where it is...

Aboriginal English/Regional Monographs

Australian Aboriginal Words in English: Their Origin and Meaning

Second Edition. R.M.W. Dixon, W.S. Ramson, Bruce Moore, Mandy Thomas. Oxford University Press, 2006. 261 pages. ISBN 0 19 554073 5.

Australian Aboriginal Words in English records the Aboriginal contribution to Australian...

Aboriginal English

 J.M. Arthur. Oxford University Press, 1996. 264 pages. ISBN 0 19 554018 2.

Aboriginal English is the first and most significant dialect of Australian English. The term `Aboriginal English' refers to the form of...

Voices of Queensland: Words from the Sunshine State

Julia Robinson. Oxford University Press, 2001. 200 pages. ISBN 0 19 551395 9.

This books deals with Queensland words. The chapters focus on various aspects of Queensland, starting with the contributions Queensland...

Tassie Terms: A Glossary of Tasmanian Terms

Maureen Brooks and Joan Ritchie. Oxford University Press, 1995. 174 pages. ISBN 0 19 553812 9

Working at the Australian National Dictionary Centre, and using the proven methods of historical lexicography, Maureen Brooks...

Words from the West: A Glossary of Western Australian Terms

Maureen Brooks and Joan Ritchie. Oxford University Press, 1994. 222 pages. ISBN 0 19 553628 2

This book represents the first attempt to record the words used in, and perhaps peculiar to, a given Australian regional...

Bardi Grubs and Frog Cakes: South Australian Words

Dorothy Jauncey. Oxford University Press, 2004.

Bardi Grubs & Frog Cakes is a dictionary of words about the croweaters' state, giving dated evidence of the usage of 500 words associated with South Australia from 1835...

Historical Monographs

Diggerspeak: The Language of Australians at War

Amanda Laugesen. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0 19 555182 6.

Wars have been highly significant in the development of Australian English, generating new words and meanings. Rather than a collection of military slang or...

W.H. Downing's Digger Dialects

Ed. J.M. Arthur and W.S. Ramson. Oxford University Press, 1990. 257 pages. ISBN 0 19 553233 3

W.H. Downing's Digger Dialects was first published in 1919. The words and phrases used by Australian Service personnel were...

Gold! Gold! Gold! The Language of the Nineteenth-Century Australian Goldfields

Bruce Moore. Oxford University Press, 2000. 190 pages. ISBN 0 19 550838 6

This book examines the language of the the nineteenth-century Australian goldfields. It takes the form of a dictionary, with supporting quotations...

Convict Words: Language in Early Colonial Australia

Amanda Laugesen Oxford University Press, 2002. 208 pages. ISBN 019551655.

This dictionary is the first dictionary to document the words that shaped this language, a language that in itself helped to shape the nation. It...

A Lexicon of Cadet Language: Royal Military College, Duntroon, in the period 1983 to 1985

Bruce Moore. Australian National Dictionary Centre, 1993. 488 pages. ISBN 0 67315 1377 0

This book documents many aspects of the language of male army cadets at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, Australia, in the...

Furphies and whizz-bangs: Anzac slang from the great war

Amanda Laugesen. Oxford University Press. 250 pages. ISBN 9780195597356.

Furphies and Whizz-bangs: Anzac Slang from the Great War tells the story of the First World War through an examination of the slang used...

General Lexicographical Studies

Lexical Images: The Story of the Australian National Dictionary

W.S. Ramson. Oxford University Press, 2002.

Bill Ramson, former Director of The Australian National Dictionary Centre relates in detail the fascinating and sometimes controversial story behind the making of an Australian...

Who's Centric Now? The Present State of Post-Colonial Englishes

Bruce Moore ed. Oxford University Press, 2001. 320 pages. ISBN 0 19 551450 5.

These are the papers from a conference held at the Australian National University 27 to 29 October 1999. The conference was sponsored by...

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